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Some ideas - mpoloskey - 01-09-2018

Realy love to to this in dutch. but well..

Some ideas to make CircleBilling more intresting.

- resellers option.
- vat included prices.
- html emails.
- make product upgrade finaly do something good.. like upgrading a order...
- make product addons a sub product so that we can use it with other extentions.

but still, thanks for the upgrade to 7.2... really needed that one.

RE: Some ideas - Jonah - 01-09-2018

Hello mpoloskey,

I was very happy when I read your message.

The development Team works really hard to finalize the first officially release.

After the first release we plan to implement all user ideas. I have taken note of your wishes and will discuss them with the team.

Thank you for your support - We really need active community members! Smile

Have a nice day.

RE: Some ideas - Stef - 05-09-2018

Thanks for your ideas!
I'm happy to see Dutch people entering our community! (I'm always happy of people entering our community) Smile